Black Plume Ring earrings on sterling silver ear threads

These are based on smaller versions of the plume rings normally worn on the finger, but have been modified as elegant dangling earrings. Earrings hang from a sterling silver box-chain "ear thread" which is threaded through the ear and allows for the height to be adjusted for a dangly look or worn closer to the ear.

These earrings are simpler and perhaps more conservative than my other designs, but still elegant and eye-catching. They make a great pairing with the white plume ring as part of an ensemble.

As with all of my jewelry, these are made of soft, flexible rubber over aluminum, so they won't cut you or catch on clothing, and are actually deceptively durable and lightweight!

Pieces are made to order and will have some variation from the photographs, though overall appearance and proportions will be consistent with the images.

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